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Dienstag, Januar 23

The Bavarian Mountains

Finally, I post some photos we took on our trip to the Alpes in autumn. It was so beautiful there. I did not expect this as I was in Austria as a child on a school trip and it did not impress me. But this time, it was totally different. First, we were in Munich visiting relatives of my boyfriend and buying hiking boots for me. They were totally necessary on the trails we walked because there were lots of big stones. My endurance was really bad and I was so proud that I made it to all the places we wanted to see.

I was super impressed by the ice cave called "Eiskapelle" under the mountain Watzmann. This is where we went on our first day. It was one of the happiest days in a long time. We did not have much time, so we were in a little hurry but made it in time. A part of the way you have to go by boat over the Königssee. That is why we needed to get back in time to get back to our hotel. We took lots of photos because I really wanted to memorize the place. We also tasted the water because it was so clear and fresh. But please do not enter the ice cave. We did not know that it can be super dangerous.

Montag, Februar 20

Amsterdam Hortus Botanicus

A throwback photo series from our Amsterdam trip in may/june 2016 to the Hortus Botanicus. I love botanical gardens. The weather was super warm and sticky. And we were very late the day because it was the day we arrived in Amsterdam. So we only had a few hours to stay. We also ate delicious apple cake in the garden's café. I love dutch apple cake. So it was a great beginning of our trip. It was a bit sad to watch the people in the butterfly house. Everyone tried to take the best photos of the butterflies. Some people seemed to not respect that they are living animals.